About us


About us

ePressPack was founded in 2011 by Antoun Sfeir and Jérôme Jelocha to offer companies and European brands innovative solutions for digital Press and Public Relations.

Through a dedicated back-office (contents, editorials, photos, videos), ePressPack’s newsrooms enable at first a global management of press relations while providing a multi-channel contents release (mainly via targeted e-mailings). Reflecting ePressPack’s ambition to provide pro-active support, the back-office also offers a dedicated statistics tool that gives a precise follow-up on each communication campaign. To make its use easy, ePressPack’s solution is directly integrated into the Client’s website.

ePressPack is a partner of benchmark PR institutions: Syntec RP in France, EACD at European level, ICCO at international level.

In 2016, ePressPack a laureate of Paris&Co rose 1.5 million euros funds from private investors of which Entrepreneur Venture, with the total support of the Banque Publique d’Investissement (BPI). To sustain its growth, ePressPack also opened an office in London.

ePressPack is a fast growing start-up with 250 customers in 6 countries (UK, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Italy and Germany). 3O% of these companies are CAC40 companies: Sanofi, Louis Vuitton, L’Oreal, Accor, Pernod Ricard, France Télévision….