PARIS, France, December 06, 2013

LeWeb’13 Conference Picks Start-up ePressPack To Create its Virtual Newsroom


LeWeb’13 Conference Picks Start-up ePressPack To Create its Virtual Newsroom

 The start-up ePressPack was created in 2011 to cater to a market demand: businesses looking for a way to boost their messages over various media and to reach key influencers. Thanks to a novel approach, involving a multimedia, multichannel solution that is fast and flexible, ePressPack has developed, in under two years, a clientele of prestigious brands and institutions such as Bayer, Etam, the Qatar Foundation, Havas, L’Oréal, Louis Vuitton, Meetic, Orange, Renault-Nissan and Sanofi.

This success story continues today as LeWeb’13 conference chose to partner with ePressPack to develop its visibility among media and key influencers. (See the newsroom at

“We selected ePressPack’s virtual newsroom because it is innovative,” said Sibylle de Villeneuve, PR Manager at LeWeb.  “LeWeb conference hosts over 500 journalists and bloggers from around the world. We need a strong and reliable tool to share the PR contents of the conference and of our partners on a timely basis.”

EPressPack is well positioned in the public relations market thanks to a heavy investment in cutting-edge technology that effectively caters to a brand’s media contents. As a result, ePressPack enjoys the support of OSEO, the French agency tasked with aiding the growth of SMEs and facilitating innovation, to back its research and development. ePressPack is committing 30% of its revenue to evolve its business. This includes:

  • A cloud solution to create, publish and distribute interactive online press releases, rich in multimedia content, which are responsive and includes HTML email versions
  • Multimedia content with high definition videos and photos, which are immediately downloadable by journalists and bloggers
  • Compatibility across all devices and browsers to provide instant visibility
  • Flexible and speedy service: 20 minutes to build and disseminate a press release with three videos, eight images and five document attachments
  • Search engine-optimized content
  • Integration of an unlimited amount of languages
  • Branding: customized graphic design of the content

The total offering of the unique solution has been recognized by the major players in the public relations and marketing industry, notably by Syntec Public Relations, ICCO (International Communications Consultancy Organisation) and CMIT (Club Managers Marketing and Communication sector of IT).

“We are delighted to welcome ePressPack as a partner of Syntec Public Relations,” said Thierry Wellhoff, President of Syntec Public Relations. “Through its ground-breaking approach in interactive media and how it reaches influencers and journalists, ePressPack positions itself in the heart of a company’s communications strategy.”

Today, ePressPack boasts more than 40 clients, has tripled its revenue in 2013 and is planning to hire five new recruits in the next six months.