A solution to meet your communication challenges

ePressPack has developed a 100% digital solution to help you face your press and communication challenges. Your multi-channel, multi-media, multi-lingual communication campaigns are optimized. It will take your audience – journalists and influencers – just a click to take up your news as well as to edit it and to share it.

True pillars of your multi-channel strategy, ePressPack’s newsrooms solutions are directly integrated into your website, allowing you to publish and release contents via different channels.
ePressPack’s newsrooms encompass:


Des emails HMTL proposant des contenus visualisables et cliquables.


HTML e-mails providing viewable and clickable contents.

Relying on the back-office’s ergonomics and its ease of use, you will be able to create contents in line with your communication and targeted media

The back-office makes it possible for you to measure the level of engagement of your audience for each news, to better target your messages and to develop specific contents on the basis of your need and objectives.

Have a look through ePressPack's newsroom video

In 2016, Piaget entrusted ePressPack for its digital media contents. Have a look through Piaget newsroom video

ePressPack’s tailored solutions to match your challenges. You are …

… an Agency

ePressPack is the partner of many PR agencies.

ePressPack has developed 3 dedicated offerings :

  • Agency Newsroom: You have your own platform to release all of your contents: news, events…
  • Multi customer Agency Newsroom: You will manage all your accounts from a single back-office. Each of your customers has its own “private” access to the newsroom. So as to ensure an easy account management, you will benefit from an unlimited number of news, a simplified contents and video management (ex: PR fact or Neolife)
  • Customer dedicated Newsroom: your customers benefit from a fully dedicated newsroom. You may – if you wish – extend further support to your customer by managing or co-managing the newsroom.

… a Company

You are a Company and you wish to optimize your communications around your highlights.

Your ePressPack newsroom can be structured so as to promote your events and announcements: creation and release of your press information and e-mailings. Your ePressPack newsroom may also include an Agenda, videos and photos. In multi-lingual versions, if needed.

ePressPack solutions adapt to your requirements and to your business sector. If you are a multi brand, multi-market or multi-sector company, your ePressPack newsroom will gather your “Corporate” and “brand” press information within a dedicated back-office which means you can manage your contents –corporate, brand or business- within dedicated spaces.

ePressPack makes your communications digital, interactive and provides your audience an easier access to your information while giving you a 360-degree view

It provides your audience an easier access to your information. Your campaigns are more efficient, more attractive.

… an Institution

ePressPack draws on its experience as a partner of many institutions, to develop specific features that enable accreditation for each of your events (in addition to creation, management and release of press information).

ePressPack newsroom’ secured sections (with password access) will allow you to manage your Corporate and/or financial communications. Information flow Specific solutions exist that will enable your press announcement to be published directly on your website thus providing an optimized responsiveness in the update of web content.