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A step-by-step guide on how to transform your online press release into an SEO press release

Learning how to optimize a press release for SEO takes a little expertise but once you know the rules, it’s fairly easy to use these tactics on all of your press releases. Follow this step-by-step process presented by NASDAQ OMX GlobeNewswire and watch your press release climb higher in the news search results.

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By 2013, mobile is expected to be the first screen for all Web usage.1 This means that your audience’s first impression of your corporate website or campaign quite likely will be viewed on a smartphone or tablet.

Studies by DoubleClick, AOL and Google demonstrate that audio/visual content drives engagement rates 4 to 7 times higher than static text or images.

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White Paper: A New(s) Era for Public Relations /Tips on How to Leverage your Online Newsroom

Following are the top 10 reasons to have an online newsroom, according to the TEKGROUP International, Inc. 2009 survey:

  1. Journalists expect a company to have an online newsroom

  2. Journalists believe that all companies will have an online newsroom

  3. Journalists visit company online newsrooms often to very often

  4. Journalists visit both large and small-to-medium-sized company online newsrooms

  5. Centralized location and 24-hour access of press materials

  6. Control and delivery of corporate message

  7. Measurement of communication efforts

  8. Media request management

  9. Social media interaction

  10. Return on investment (ROI)

Learn more on how to leverage your online news room? download the free white paper issued by Tekgroup