Case Study - Maison de Champagne Taittinger

Luxury and newsroom, an evident match

Let's go "BUBBLE 2.0" ! Because it produces, manages and disseminates content while analyzing outcomes, the digital newsroom appeals to major luxury players. Vitalie Taittinger comments on the thousand and one possibilities of this tool 2.0. Ranked among the 6 big champagnes houses, Taittinger finishes the year with a remarkable turnover increase. vitalie taittinger explains how a content factory fits into her global strategy to support storytelling and brand identity. "In the context of today's digital expansion, the challenge is to determine how to convey the company's values with this tool. Our values are intended for everyone, the narrative does not change according to the target. We present the values of the brand in the most accurate way, in line with our brand's charter. In communication as in marketing, consistency is key." Vitalie Taittinger. With different universes, different strategies, discover a global digital strategy in this white paper illustrated by the case study of Taittinger's approach. Download the case study: