Epresspack, the Official Newsroom & PR Software of the European Association of Communication Directors (EACD)

Press release - 13th April 2023

April 13, 2023 - Epresspack, the Newsroom and PR software provider dedicated to the digitalisation of the communication business, becomes the Official Newsroom supplier and partner for the European Association of Communication Directors (EACD).

Recognised as a technological solution provider in the field of press and PR, Epresspack will also participate in the next EACD Summit in Brussels. With CEO and Founder Antoun Sfeir taking part in a round table discussion on Fakenews (June 8th 2023). 

"We are delighted that Epresspack technology can support the leading professional association of communications in Europe." explains Antoun Sfeir, CEO Epresspack. "This will give us the opportunity to raise awareness of our technology, which accompanies the digitalisation of the communication and PR teams and is an integral to content strategies."

"We are very pleased to have Epresspack as a partner of the upcoming EACD Summit in Brussels." say Phil Riggins, Treasurer of the EACD. “This will be our first live Summit since the pandemic, bringing together communicators from across Europe to network and learn from each other. We welcome the fact that Epresspack supports the community and EACD and look forward to an exciting meeting in Brussels.”


About Epresspack

Epresspack is a leading technology partner for PR and communications teams, providing all-in-one content platforms (publication, certification, distribution, audience analysis, workplace) dedicated to the reputation issues of brands and companies. The SaaS provider supports the press and public relations digitalisation for over 320 companies across the globe. The company founded in 2011 by Antoun Sfeir, Epresspack now has a team of over 50 collaborators between London, Paris and Milan.

About EACD

Founded in Brussels in 2006, the EACD is the leading network of communication professionals in Europe. Recognising the growing importance of communication, the European Association of Communication Directors provides a platform for professionals to connect, deepen their expertise, share best practices, establish, and promote relevant standards. The world of communication is constantly changing, with new technologies and volatile global dynamics influencing the way they work. The Association is committed to providing flexible support, with the continual input and feedback of tits members.