Epresspack gives you a hint to understand how and why WeChat is leading the “super app revolution” in Asia?

According to the study carried out by "Fabernovel" on WeChat, it takes three ingredients to make a "Super App":


  • A unique access point
  • Seamlessly integrated ecosystem
  • Its own payment solution


Thanks to these 3 ingredients and its own 5-step strategy, it only took WeChat 7 years to become a key player on the global tech scene! 
It took this application only 433 days to reach 100 million users; unlike Facebook reached them within 1,650 days.
WeChat owes its success to its "all-in-one" application, which includes chat, social network, wallets, mini-programs, public services and third-party services.
After the conquest of Asia, what is the next step for this "Super App" ?
Discover WeChat's 5 strategies by downloading the case study: