Epresspack partnership with Luxury Communications Council for the year 2019.

Epresspack is proud to announce a major partnership with Luxury Communications Council for the year 2019. 

Throughout the year, epresspack will be happy to share with you their expertise on building a successful eRP strategy via their innovative software content management solutions which enhances engagement with journalists, influencers, internal and other key stakeholders. 

Our software helps major brands to CREATE, MANAGE, DISSEMINATE, ANALYSE, ARCHIVE all the inhouse communication content within a single bespoke environment.

With our headquarter in France and offices in London, New York and Montreal, epresspack is the leading provider of content management solutions to major luxury, fashion and lifestyle brands such as Louis Vuitton, Taittinger, Aston Martin, Savoy Hotel, Kering, Hennessy, Longchamp, Swarovski, Bulgari, … 

The challenge today for many PR professionals is managing the engagement of multiple stakeholder audiences, increasing share of voice, and utilising in-house resources more effectively. Our all-in-one content management solutions (CMS/CRM/email/analytics) help support this – enabling you to maximise the potential impact for your content communications, assess and evolve your strategies moving forward, and reduce internal administrative processes. 

Through our solutions our clients are experiencing increased engagement and interaction with their news and information content, more click-throughs, greater visibility amongst media, influencers ad other stakeholders, increased exposure across their social media channels and greater insight to the effectiveness of their communication and content strategies.