Epresspack technology chosen by the European Commission to fight disinformation

The fight against Fake news and disinformation campaigns in Hungary will enter a new phase in January 2023. Building on the successful launch of  Lakmusz.hu, a fact-checking portal that went online for an initial test phase in 2021 (processing 1.5 million readers and visitors), the European Commission entrusts Epresspack and all the members of the Hungarian Digital Media Observatory (HDMO) with the mission of pursuing the fight against the spread of false and misleading information in Hungary during the next 30 months; a project that it will co-finance within the framework of the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) programme.

In addition to Epresspack, HDMO brings together 5 independent organisations: the AFP press agency, Political Capital, Mérték Media Monitor, journalists from Lakmusz (from the Hungarian publisher Magyar Jeti) and the Idea Foundation.

“I take pride in having Epresspack technology serving this European democratic fight. Sourced and trusted information has become a great cause of the technology era we live in. Our technology will always be available to support European initiatives pursuing that goal” Antoun Sfeir, CEO, Epresspack.


The Hungarian media site Lakmusz.hu investigates statements and information that significantly influence public discourse and impact opinion.  With 4 fact-checks published on average per week, the media is committed to providing factual, impartial, sourced and verified information in the fields of politics, economics, international affairs, science and health. It also publishes tutorials against disinformation and academic studies on the springs of the phenomenon. The Hungarian media works alongside a large number of national and multinational platforms against disinformation in Europe under the umbrella of the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) programme

To find out more, read the press release from the European Commission:


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