Jabra energised its customer community with Epresspack

Since this summer, Apolline Hu, End-Customer Marketing Coordinator at Jabra, has been using the Epresspack software solution to engage its community of B2B customers. To communicate with small and large companies in France, the elite brand in the world of sound (headphones, earphones, videoconferencing solutions, etc.) runs a content hub dedicated to its products.


On Jabra360.com, you can find articles on releases and updates, tips and tricks, guides, white papers, even video testimonials from existing customers. All articles are shareable by email and on social networks. Accessible to all audiences, you must however identify yourself to be offered tests and demos, a subscription to receive exclusive information and alerts.


Apolline details for the benefits of technology for their marketing strategy and answers our questions.


What are the challenges of commercial communication and marketing for the Jabra brand?

Our immediate challenges are business challenges. We need to develop our customer portfolio in France, made up of large companies and SMEs that need audio headsets or videoconferencing solutions for their teams. To do this, we must identify the decision makers for equipment purchases within the organisation and build a content strategy on new and existing products. We must also retain our existing customers, by keeping them informed and inviting them to our events to maintain the relationship. The choice of tools and technology is far from trivial. It is a creates efficiencies and modernises the customer’s operations.


Why did you choose Epresspack?

Many major brands use this technology to manage content in the direction of the media that is both modern and interactive. We were also looking for an all-in-one tool that would allow our customers to be informed easily and in real time of new products, without depending on appointments with sales representatives or multiple emails. The solution also allows us to concentrate our French content on a single URL, to personalize its form and content according to the company's guidelines, to distribute it by name and to share it.


What are the benefits of Epresspack technology for the marketing team?

We can finally create a community of Jabra customers! On a daily basis it has become very easy to publish and distribute content. We publish an average of 6 new pieces of content per month at the rate of 1 or even 2 per week with very diversified formats. Then we can identify our audience thanks to the validation system at the time of registration. In fact, it allows our clients to become more qualified targets.


What is the initial feedback from your audiences?

Customers and our sales representatives particularly appreciate the dynamism of the tool, the wealth of regularly updated information and the email alert system. They also find that the storefront is intuitive and the navigation simple.


As Marketers the functions of your role are constantly transforming, what do you see as the main challenges?

Today, it is becoming more and more difficult to launch a campaign that captures the attention and interest of customers. This forces us to be ever more innovative and technology has its role to play in this. The fact of being able to publish all our commercial information in the same place, of diversifying its formats and of being able to send it to our customers and prospects, are guarantees of efficiency both for development and for loyalty.