On November 22, 2016, the Vinci Group fell victim to a "Hoax". The spread of a false press release, sent to the press, led to the fall of the market value of the company by nearly 19% in few minutes.

On January 16, 2019, BlackRock and its leader were targets of identity theft. A fake letter from the CEO was spread via fake email and mini-site, similar to the official channels of the company. This has misled media, such as the Financial Times and CNBC News.

On April 1, 2016, Pfizer said in a statement, picked by the Washington Post, that the pharmaceutical company was no longer to increase the price of its drugs. This announcement triggered months of controversy over the pricing practices of labs. The Pfizer stock value fell 2%.

After announcing a $ 6 billion investment in Israel, INTEL was the victim of a false Communiqué from an unofficial source declaring the cancellation of the investment. The author of the false statement even answered the phone to confirm the news.

How to ensure trust in information?

It is now possible to protect content (press releases, photos, videos) using blockchain, authenticating it, and thus preventing the circulation and the spread of fake news and deep fake.

By adding proof of trust directly to the files, our technology solution offers a different way of thinking about content protection. It's a unique chance for companies to protect their communication. The creation of innovative systems will best protect your communication and make it verifiable.

We can prove at any moment that we use Blockchain technology and that in no case is a press release is stored on our servers. All files are processed locally for optimum safety.

The Epresspack/KeeeX solution reduces the risk of Fake News and thus securing your investor and media relations. The technology of self-supported proof coupled with Blockchain enables the verification of the integrity, the source and the date of all your press releases.

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How does it work?

A simple and quick solution to set up.

The Epresspack   / KeeeX technology allows any press release to be secured and enriched with embedded protection including proof of integrity, identity, and date. It is combined with a blockchain anchor to provide additional proof of the existence of the document.

All with no impact on your computer systems!

No more complications and risks on compromised and unrevoked electronic certificates.

Effortlessly, your teams edit the press releases in the desired format, secure them in one click and then disseminate them.

Journalists, influencers and investors can finally verify files that are supposed to be coming from you.
When you find this logo on your documents, anyone in possession of the document can deposit it on the verification window located in your newsroom or the Epresspack page dedicated to blockchain authentication to check its source.


Are you a company? Secure your documents!


An intuitive and simple interface for anyone that wants to protect their source of information to disseminate. 
Your communication teams certify their press releases and product/corporate/financial content. 
They then disseminate this information to media, influencers, analysts and/or investors.


With ease for you and your teams

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Do you relay information? Check your sources!


In few seconds, the recipients check, on our verification page or yours, integrated into your newsroom, the authenticity of your press release. 

When your contacts find the signature "Verified by Epresspack" on your press releases, they will know that it is possible to verify the integrity, source and date of your content.


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