, the new Hungarian fact-cheking media
adopts Epresspack’s technology, partner in the Consortium with AFP and the national media

Press release, March 16th 2022 -, the latest Hungarian website against misinformation has chosen Epresspack's technology to publish its news, distribute its newsletters and manage its audience. The media - which has already 500,000 visitors since its launch in January and is aiming for 1 million visitors before the summer - is co-financed by the European Commission, which initiated the project as part of its efforts against misinformation in Europe.

"This project, led by AFP and co-financed by the European Commission, is a recognition of the reliability of our technology." says Antoun Sfeir, President of Epresspack. "We are proud to put it to use in the struggle against fake news in Europe and the defense of our democracies."

Led by a consortium of AFP, local media, European software solutions provider Epresspack and the Media Universalis Foundation, the site investigates declarations and informations that significantly influence public discourse and impact Hungarian opinion. With an average of 4 fact-checks published per week, the media is committed to providing factual, unbiased, sourced and verified information in the fields of politics, economics, international affairs, science and health. But the platform also publishes tutorials against misinformation and academic studies on the causes of the phenomenon. 

Entrusted to four dedicated journalists under the responsibility of Blanka Zöldi, who collaborate with the AFP teams, the media is supported by an advisory board made up of experts (media, academics, NGOs) concerned by the scourge of disinformation.