New secure LIVE functionality to help companies during the COVID-19 crisis

To help brands and businesses in the midst of the COVID-19 turmoil, Epresspack, publisher of digital platforms serving reputation and influence, is launching a new LIVE feature so that they can keep in touch with their audiences and build trust with the media, influencers and other stakeholders.
While Epresspack records, for the month of March 2020 alone, an increase in the number of communications sent by companies (+ 30% compared to March 2019, to 5,000 press releases *) as well as a doubling of their audiences (+ 52% of unique visitors to 442,542 and + 30% of page views to 741,000 *), it provides them with:
  • a useful feature which allows you to broadcast live, without leaving their own ecosystem, a press conference, a press point or a speech by the CEO… organized behind closed doors.
  • This comes with the possibility of announcing, programming archiving the live stream for unlimited consultation/replay.
At the same time, Epresspack is offering free, to all of its customers, the simplified LIVE version for instant retransmission of a speech.

« It is certainly a difficult period for companies that lack visibility and whose communication takes place under complicated conditions, but they understood that they needed to stay connected to their stakeholders and maintain their trust. The secure LIVE feature responds to this challenge.» Explains Antoun SFEIR, Founder and CEO of Epresspack.
For the record, Epresspack had launched in September 2019 - in partnership with KeeeX, leader in on-board digital signature - an integrated blockchain protection and certification solution for press releases and other documents (source, integrity, date) for its customers.

Epresspack, a tech player in the communication sector, aims to offer the best of technology for brands and businesses and their public relations. Pioneer of anti-fake news digital newsrooms in Europe, it hosts the tailor-made digital platforms of around 300 brands and international companies (40% of which belong to the CAC 40), including Accor, ADP, Audi, Bouygues, Hermès, ING, Taittinger, Vinci, Arte, Leboncoin…. and manages a cumulative audience of 3.5 million unique visitors in 2019. Epresspack has a turnover of 3.5 million euros in 2019 and brings together 50 employees in Paris, London, Milan and Madrid.
* Google analytics sources: Figures compared between March 2020 and March 2019 at constant scope
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