Mai 2022

ŠKODA France has been an Epresspack client since 2016 and has just reset its press area. Open to all, presse.skoda.fr has become a streamlined setting that facilitates the access to enriched information: new hierarchy, refined search engine, optimized product pages, better organized media centre with easy downloads (shopping cart system), front page slider, etc… All the news of the Czech car manufacturer in France is within reach
from of some 800 journalists, influencers, youtubers and even other audiences like clients, prospects and employees and competitors!

“Our old platform was getting old, and journalists were complaining that they couldn’t find the information even though it was online.” explains Quentin Fouvez, head of press and public relations at ŠKODA France. “And then our company strategy and news had evolved. It was time to adapt our showcase, to make the content easily and quickly available in order to gain in accessibility as well as notoriety.”

As a challenger car manufacturer in France (15th brand in terms of number of registrations with 2% market share compared to its 8th place in the European market (with 5% of market share)), ŠKODA indeed still suffers from a lack of brand awareness. "So, doing some communication in an attractive setting is bound to be a plus for the perception of the brand.”
The exercise consisted of highlighting corporate information: the group, its history, its company strategy, its results, its teams… and to rethink a hierarchy in which the Model Tab – naturally consulted by automobile journalists – is only one tab among others.

The ŠKODA Presse space, which is independent from the digital ecosystem of the brand, publishes mainly press releases, press files, photo and video albums at a rate of 15 to 20 publications per month. And, thanks to the mailer, the information that arrives directly in the journalists’ mailboxes, is amplified and relayed more quickly. And even though its still a bit early to measure the effectiveness of the new display and its new features, the look and design are already generating positive reactions.

“Epresspack is a tool that makes our life easier. Its an accessible solution, easily flexible, intuitive and easy to use. It is very rare that we make an appeal for technological assistance. It was even highly recommended to Volkswagen and Audi, that have adopted the same technology!” concludes Quentin Fouvez.


Presse.skoda.fr : challenges and solutions

Make the contents more accessible 
A custom-made hierarchy to highlight the corporate content
A more efficient search engine
A more organized and rich media centre
Facilitated downloads (shopping cart system)
Gain in audience and notoriety
An open, accessible platform to all audiences in its entirety
A sleek and modernized design
Maintain a full autonomy in publishing and sharing
An intuitive back office


Quentin Fouvez, Head of Press and Public Relations, Skoda France