Solutions for Agency Professionals

Daily challenges

You are an Agency Professional who is responsible for creating your client’s content and then helping them promote it to the media and other stakeholders.  In addition to managing your client portfolio, you are also responsible for doing the same for your agency. Ensuring your company’s news and brand stories are told and covered.  Journalists and influencers are your key target audience for sharing your client’s news, but reaching your consumers with your story is your ultimate goal.

Writing engaging brand stories for your clients is your strength. However, your clients are finding it more and more of a challenge to justify the spending of money on PR related stories internally, without the ability to measure their ROI. And like all other service providers, your client’s work always comes first, leaving you often searching for time to write your PR content.

Does this sound familiar?

Our proposed solution

What if you had a solution that would allow you to create your clients content, send them a link to view and approve the content. Once approved, you would be able to publish that content on their website, post into their social media channels and automatically send a responsive HTML email of that same press release to your client's media list.

Then you would be provided with analytics on the volume of shares, additional web traffic, emails opened and rich media content downloaded to allow you to measure the value of each campaign. You would also know which journalist was the most engaged with content enabling you to focus any follow-up activity.  This entire process will save you time allowing you to invest in your campaigns.

An alternative option would allow you to create a newsroom section on your website with all of the benefits mentioned above, with mini branded pressrooms for each client, giving them and your agency additional visibility and reach.

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