Solutions for Digital Marketing Professionals

Daily challenges

You are a Digital Marketing Professional who is responsible for promoting your company’s brand and creating awareness to capture leads and drive sales.  You have already generated a lot of dynamic content about your product to support sales and help customers with their consideration and decision.

Your primary challenge is in continuing to drive awareness while respecting an annual budget. Advertising and SEM campaigns are very costly where the average cost of PPC has gone from approximately $0.92 in 2013 to $2.14 in 2016, and the conversion rate has gone from 8.8% to 6.5%. On the flip side, you understand the importance of SEO and that it delivers a more than 2X higher conversion rate averaging 16% according to a Marketing Sherpa study. You know that Inbound links are still a critical component of an SEO campaign, but the simple link-building tactics of the past have been wiped off the board, mostly thanks to Google’s Penguin update(s).

Leaving you with good old fashion high-quality editorial content to generate backlinks from high volume trusted sites like media outlets to help your SEO. Here walks in your need for a robust PR strategy; brand stories that will not only resonate with journalists, influencers, and consumers, but that contain rich media and are easily shareable to maximize your reach and SEO efforts.
Does this sound familiar?

Our proposed solution

What if you could manage your PR editorial strategy from one unified platform. You can create a press release and select all the rich media assets to enhance the story, then publish it on your website, each piece of content (text, image, and video) optimized for SEO and sharing. From that same content, you create a responsive HTML email is according to a personally customized branded design ready to be sent to your target audience with the personalized list from the integrated CRM. This content is then also shared on your selected social media platforms in the appropriate format.

In addition, with the analytics module, measure the additional traffic generated from each campaign and you can see who is engaging with what content allowing you to modify your content strategies and continue to create content that is highly relevant to your target audience.

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