For Events Management Professionals

Daily challenges

You are an Events Management Professional who is responsible for creating and promoting events that your company organizes.  Your key target audience for sharing news about these events are journalists and influencers. However, your ultimate goal is reaching consumers with the story so that they can attend your events.

Providing journalists with easy access to information before the events to help promote awareness and granting free event access to accredited journalists to cover the show are critical to your overall success.

Your main challenges are keeping control over who has access to information and ensuring that select media outlets have free access to the show. These problems are amplified by the fact that you manually manage your list of media contacts on an excel spreadsheet.    

Does this sound familiar?

Our proposed solution

What if you could create a dedicated newsroom that was password protected with individual logins? What if you had a simple way for individuals to request access and for you to approve access to this content?  The ePressPack content management system allows you to create and publish your press release to this private online newsroom.  Then a responsive HTML email is automatically generated using a preview or summary of your release along with its visual assets; ready to be sent to your approved list of media contacts from within the same interface. Upon the delivery of the email, the detailed analytics provide you with who opened the email, who logged into your newsroom, and what content they downloaded. This solution provides you with insights on the journalist who are your real advocates, allowing you to build stronger relationships with them.

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