Solutions for Internal Communications Professionals

Daily challenges

You are an Internal Communication Professional who is responsible for internally sharing and promoting your company’s news and brand stories. You want to ensure that your employees are aware of all relevant public company activity as well as updates that are exclusive to an internal audience. You want your employees to be connected to the company’s story so they can be real brand ambassadors.

Your main challenges are managing the different timings of published content shared internally and externally. And the creation and distribution of internal content that is private (internal only) versus public of which you want to encourage sharing such as a new product announcement, a job posting, or a newly appointed member of the leadership team.  Your success is measured by the employee satisfaction and volume of social media support by employees. Does this sound familiar?

Our proposed solution

What if you could manage your internal and external communications from one unified platform, without the need to reproduce the same story. You can create a press release, publish it on your website, take the heart of the release integrated into an internal email template, add a personalized introduction and enhance it with social media sharing features.

You can also create internal newsletters that are for internal use only without sharing features. Produce and publish your newsletter on a private web page integrated into your intranet where a sign in is required (SSO API is available) to read the full content. You can also publish the content to an internal employee mobile application. Send an email summary of the stories to employees via an integrated CRM function which can be connected to your HRIS system via an API to ensure that your lists are always up to date. Also, you can see who is engaging with what content allowing you to modify your internal communication strategies and continue to create highly sought after content.

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