Solutions for Investor Relations Professionals

Daily challenges

You are an Investor Relations Professional who is responsible for providing company updates to your investors, the media, and other key stakeholders including employees.  Your updates are a crucial part of the company’s communication strategy.  You want your audience to be able to access the financial results, reports, and updates quickly, as well as, have visibility on all other news stories.

The PR newsroom showcases rich media news releases while the IR portion of your website publishes the financial results and updates in PDF format. You would also like to enhance your financial releases with rich media content, such photos, infographics, quotes, and stats for journalists to have additional engaging assets to include with their write up or for them to share in their social media channels.

Does this sound familiar?

Our proposed solution

What if within one platform you could publish both your IR and PR press releases to your website with rich media content to support them, such as video or live streaming of a webcast.  Your real-time stock price could be integrated, as well as, an events calendar. From within the platform, send a responsive HTML email of each release to your target audience;  a summary version option is available to peak interest and to drive traffic back to your website. You could keep track of who is opening your emails and what content they are sharing and downloading. This analytics allows you to be more strategic about your follow-up with media and analysts.

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