For PR Professionals

Daily challenges

You are a PR professional who is responsible for creating and promoting your company’s news and brand stories.  Journalists and influencers are your key target audience for sharing your news, but reaching your consumers with your story is your ultimate goal.

Your primary challenges are a smooth workflow and the ability to measure the impact of your results. Your journalist list is in an excel spreadsheet, you email via outlook, and you send a version of the release (e.g., PDF) to the webmaster to post on your website and to your social media specialist to share on social media. Your success is measured by the number of media inquiries you receive or by requests for additional visual content which you then provide via we transfer.

Does this sound familiar?

Our proposed solution

What if you could have a seamless workflow that delivered measurable results. What if your workflow looked more like this: First, you create your press release directly within an online publishing platform – a hidden non-published version of the release is available for approvals. Second, you integrate all rich media content directly into the press release ( in both high and low definition), within the same platform you use those same images and write text for your social media postings. Third, you produce an HTML responsive email version of your press release with pictures included, and you use your integrated CRM to create your targeted journalist list, then with a simple click, you publish to your website, post in your social media networks, and send your email to your journalists. Then within the same tool, you can measure the results of your efforts with the analytics: additional traffic generated to your website, emails opened and clicked through, images downloaded and social media shares.  You are now able to understand what works well and what doesn't and adjust your strategy accordingly, allowing you to truly measure the impact of your PR efforts and prove a return on investment.

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