"We wanted a unified solution" Sylvain Bruno, Director of Media Relations and Digital Influence, Orange Group

Since the spring, Sylvain Bruno and his team have been using Epresspack technology to manage all relations with journalists and influencers across Europe. We sat down with Sylvain, to answer key communications questions.

What are the biggest reputation and communication challenges for the Orange brand?  

Our brand reputation is key. Orange is a useful and extremely powerful brand that is part of the daily lives of millions of homes, to which it provides essential services and connectivity. This gives him great responsibilities such as showcasing Orange Group's expertise, clearly communicating their services and informing customers in the event of any incidents.


Why did you create a new Newsroom in 2022?

In a digital world where journalists are overstretched and where one news item chases the other, we needed a solution that would allow them to consult information as easily and quickly as possible, with all the images, videos and related media content. The experiential dimension of PR is, in my opinion, very important. On the process side, we wanted a unified solution to manage all relations with the press and support us from start to finish in the production and distribution of information.


Why did you choose Epresspack to manage your press relations? 

What I like about the technology is that it is an all-in-one solution, from the integration of the blockchain and its intuitive back-office; the platform provides significant time savings and efficiency for my teams. The solution also offers performance monitoring of our various communications and has the ability to marry the brand's universe and codes with all its guide lines.


What are the first results?

Our audiences already appreciate the provision of intuitive content which has provided new opportunities, far from the days of the good old pdf! Opening or reading statistics are also significant, but above all they allow us to measure the appetite of subjects and improve the way they are presented. As a result, it is a fantastic tool to sometimes convince internally of the uselessness of just sending another press release… when we already publish between 150 and 200 per year. As for the productivity gains, they are indisputable. Our ability to publish content in one click and distribute it on all our platforms, including our Orange News app, for both our external and internal audiences, saves us precious time.


Is Fakenews, a sensitive subject for you?

Fake news and disinformation are key topics for companies, especially if they are publicly traded. The risk represented by an unauthenticated or usurped statements by a third party is such that I invite all companies to prevent this risk with a secure and, integrated solution.


The profession of PR and comms is undergoing a major transformation. What are its main challenges today?

Communication is becoming more and more complex. From the moment we multiply the channels of information, we must succeed in emerging and capturing attention. It is true today and it will be more so tomorrow. We must also know how to adapt to the evolution of the media and the way they produce information. Finally, in my opinion, the third issue is that of credibility. In a world where the truth is increasingly threatened by fake news, bots and the discrediting of authorities, we must do everything to ensure that the word of the company is preserved.


A newsroom under high security

Blended into the digital ecosystem for a seamless experience, the 2022 version of the Orange newsroom publishes and distributes all press releases and press kits on the group and its products, whilst also offering subscriptions. From this highly secure setting, Orange press teams orchestrate interactions with journalists and influencers, including task monitoring and KPIs. Designed for the media, the information channel is nevertheless open to everyone.


November 2022